1. What is KonsultaMD?

KonsultaMD is a 24/7 health hotline service manned by skilled and licensed Filipino doctors who provide medical assessment and information, including basic healthcare and advice on permissible medication over the phone.

2. What are the product features of KonsultaMD?

  • Unlimited access to medical information
  • 24/7 clinical advisory
  • General health information (answers to general questions)
  • Medical information education (guidance and specific measures)
  • Healthcare lessons (interim care/self care/general recommendations)

3. What kind of medical information will I receive?

  • Telephone triage ("triage" in medical use means determining the urgency of your situation — i.e. whether it is an emergency or non-emergency)
  • Medical information for primary conditions (defined as cough, fever, cold, flu, pink eye/sore eyes, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, rashes, allergies, asthma), maternity, pediatrics and other conditions
  • Reading of, and information on, lab and diagnostic results
  • Health coaching and nutrition counseling
  • Permissible medication (over the counter medication)

4. What are the benefits of KonsultaMD?

  • 24/7 health hotline
  • Call anytime, anywhere
  • Talk to a licensed Filipino doctor
  • Get immediate medical attention with no waiting time
  • Flexible and affordable plans

5. Where can I view KonsultaMD Terms & Conditions?

  • Click here to view our Terms & Conditions
  • By referring to the KonsultaMD Subscription Form found in Globe stores

6. Who can assist me if I have other questions about KonsultaMD?

You may call KonsultaMD’s hotline at 02) 7798 8000 and speak to our Wellness Representatives.